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Adamstown is the capital of Pitcairn   (Adamstown)   (Adams Town)   

Spoken languages in Pitcairn are:


Points of interest in Pitcairn are:

Atoll(s) --- Ducie Atoll
Rock --- Youngs Rock
Valley --- Gense Valley
Islands --- Sandy Islands
Cliff(s) --- The Rope
Valley --- The Hollow
Cove(s) --- Gudgeen
Hill --- Middle Hill
Headland --- Tahoutoumah
Harbor(s) --- Gudgeon Harbor
Point --- North East Point
Ridge(s) --- Parlver Valley Ridge
Upland --- Hollyander
Atoll(s) --- Oeno Atoll
Populated place --- Kundur marqa
Atoll(s) --- Bens Place
Point --- North East Point
Capital of a political entity --- Adamstown
Cave(s) --- Christians Cave
Valley --- Outer Valley

Variant forms of spelling for Pitcairn or in other languages are:

Pitcairn Islands   

Îles Pitcairn   ፒትካኢርን   جزر بيتكيرن   Питкайрн   পিটকেয়ার্ন   Pitcairnovy ostrovy   Pitcairn   Pitcairn   Pitcairn   Πίτκερν   Pitkarna Insulo   Islas Pitcairn   Pitcairn   جزایر پیت‌کرن   Pitcairn   Pitcairn   Pitcairn   פיטקרן   पिटकैर्न   Pitcairn   Pitcairn-szigetek   Kepulauan Pitcairn   Pitcairn   Pitcairn   ピトケアン島   핏케언섬   Pitkernas   Pitkērna   Питкарн   Pitcairn   Pitcairn   Pitcairn   Pitcairneilanden   Pitcairn   Pitcairn   Pitcairn   Pitcairn   Питкэрн   Pitcairn   Pitcairnove ostrovy   Pitcairn   Питкерн   Pitcairn   พิตแคร์น   Pitcairn   Острови Піткерн   皮特凯恩群岛   Pitcairn   Pitcairn   Pitcairn   Pitkarn   Pitikarini   Enez Pitcairn   Pitcairn   Illes Pitcairn   Pitkairn ƒudomekpo nutome   Pitcairn uharteak   Pitkern   Pitcairn   Pitcairn   પીટકૈર્ન   Pitakarin   Pitkairni   ಪಿಟ್‌ಕೈರ್ನ್   Pitikeeni   Pikairni   Pikairni   Pitkairn   പിറ്റ്കെയ്ന്‍   पिटकैर्न   Pitcairn   पिटकाइर्न   ପିଟକାଇରିନ୍   Pitcairn   Pitikeyirini   Pitikêrni   පිට්කෙය්න් දූපත්   Pitcairn   Pitcairn   Pitkairni   பிட்கெய்ர்ன்   పిట్కెర్న్   ፒትካኢርን   ʻOtumotu Pitikeni   پٹکائرن جزائر   Quần đảo Pitcairn   Orílẹ́ède Pikarini   i-Pitcairn Islands